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MBA case – OT request

MBA= Master of Business Assault (copyright by OTman)



让我们先看第一封email,这是一个公司的供应商发给IT manager的,目的很简单,能骗到是福气,骗不到也没啥损失。。。


Dear Xiao Laoban:

Dumb and Associates fully support XXX on every step of the way in your laptop program. For example, you will have 8 technician’s today, and we will increase to 10 technicians during the peak of next week.

In addition to extra hands, I noticed that our main staffs team will need to work over time per your request. XXX forwarded me a requirement that our technician will be needed for laptop handout. I believe the similar case might happen in the future.

Could XXX consider the following in regards to overtime compensation in general?

  1. a flat rate of 750 RMB per person per 8 hours? That’s 94 RMB per hour.

  2. Or 150% of the rate based on existing contract?


然后这封信被concur以后呢转给了xiao laoban的supervisor,然后这个人呢很聪明的转给了一个倒霉蛋,问他可以哇,类似如下


Does our contract have anything in it about overtime?

Xiao Laoban’s Laoban

然后这个倒霉OTman呢本来就对这个vendor不感冒,自然在背后马上踩了2脚, as below

Xiao Laoban’s Laoban,

No, it doesn’t, generally we pay them by monthly service fee and should or should not they pay OT to their staff is entirely on their own discretion and shall under their budget, which may already included in the service fee by the way.


然后没超过5分钟,就被人从背后捅了一刀,as below


While I understand the concern of overtime as an impact to the staff of yours at our company, according to OTman, the pay you provide is under your discretion, not ours as we do not pay the people directly.

We consider this service requested part of the service needed to run the laptop program and thus part of the service agreement.

Xiao Laoban’s Laoban




下次MBA case study会介绍给大家一个世界上最最好笑的email PK.