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Comments tell all

It was quite frustrating to see the huge differences in how people leave their comments on products they bought from B2C sites such as or Amazon. Take books, for instance; most of the comments on were words mentioning the quality of the printing, the price they got, or how fast the delivery was. I don’t recall anyone talked about how they liked the book or questions related to the reading itself. On the contrary, most of Amazon’s comments (not to mention the, which is dedicated as a reader’s club) were focused on the critic of the book or debate (sometimes quite heated, though). I wonder why this is the case…until I recall classic “self-deprecating” messages on many Chinese camera fan forums, people left remarks on German-made cameras with repeated exclamation but only a few words, “German flavor (德味, Dewei),” “Poisonous (毒, Addicted),” guess there is still a long way to go for us to understand not only how to enjoy art, literature, music, etc., but also how to express and discuss with others.

On a side note, I re-started reading SF novels after reading (again) the three-body problem trilogy. Hats off to Liu Cixin. You are a hero!


好吧,Behavioral Economics是这学期灰常有意思的一门课,包括需要读的Richard H. Thaler的Misbehaving这本书,还有Daniel Kahneman的Thinking fast and slow… 两位作者都是Noble Economics Prize winner…

我们的Prof. Eric Johnson在讲到fairness的时候给我们看了下面这段视频。。。看看我们猴子是如何看待公平这个问题的吧,特别是旁边另外一只猴子做同样的事情可以吃到🍇,而自己只能吃到🥒的时候。。。