Kobeomsuk furniture – Rounded Bench

This was a random click on YouTube in the middle of the night, which “cost” me about 15 mins to watch from beginning to end. After that, I looked them up on their website so I can understand a bit more about who they are and what they want to accomplish.(https://www.kobeomsuk.com/)

I have to confess that I was very much stereotypical at the beginning, and quite convinced, to think this was entirely made in Japan. This probably due to my limited understanding of the woodwork craftsmanship and personal preference, often even blindly, towards Japan. I enjoyed every second of the video for its serenity feeling, the dedication of the young man, and the high quality of the production.

Since writing (especially when writing on a piece of paper) gives a person the greatest content, I want to re-start my blog by reposting this video and hope everyone can have a bit of calm in such a chaotic time.

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