Linkin Park Shanghai Concert 曲目单

1 One Step Closer(Hybrid Theory)
2 Lying From You(Meteora)
3 Somewhere I Belong(Meteora)
4 No More Sorrow (Minutes To Midnight)
5 Papercut(Hybrid Theory)
6 Points Of Authority(Hybrid Theory)
7 Wake (Minutes To Midnight)
8 Given Up(Minutes To Midnight)
9 Don’t Stay(Meteora)
10 From The Inside(Meteora)
11 Leave Out All The Rest(Minutes To Midnight)
12 Numb(Meteora)
13 Pushing Me Away(Hybrid Theory)
14 Breaking The Habit(Meteora)
15 Crawling(Hybrid Theory)
16 Shadow of The Day(Minutes To Midnight)
17 In The End(Hybrid Theory)
18 Bleed It Out (Minutes To Midnight)
19 The Little Things Give You Away(Minutes To Midnight)
20 What I’ve Done(Minutes To Midnight)
21 Faint(Meteora)

转载的,还不知道可靠性有多少,看到这个就开始激动了,在那么一个郁闷到死的下午。。。 晚上开始排练起来,哇哈哈

3 thoughts on “Linkin Park Shanghai Concert 曲目单

  1. 试了好几次,怎么都么留言成功。希望11.18风和夜丽,成为小P孩的海洋~~哈哈。

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