Trip preview – Season III Episode 1

Season I – Apr to May, 2005 – Bangkok – Singapore – Koh Samui – 14 Days
Season II – Sep to Oct, 2006 – Macau – Manila – Boracay – 9 Days
Season III – Apr to May, 2007 – Bangkok – Phnom Penh – Seim Reap (Angkor Wat) – 14 Days


Day 1 – 3 BKK

Shambara at Khao San Rd.~~ Great Place to stay at KSR

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然后是Phnom Penh – Cara Hotel

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然后是Seim Reap… The Villa Seim reap – 希望能比SIN的那个还有Character…哇哈哈

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  1. aaaaaaaaaamazing

    How can I meet you during the may vocation? I was in Shanghai only during that time this year I guess.


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