Oooops.cn is a pure personal blog site, the writer lives in Shanghai, China and works for a hard-to-tell organization. You can reach the writer by …. leaving comments, cheers!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. 我在独立domain里面找了很久也没有找到多少写旅行的博客,所以虽然博主已经很久没有更新了,我还是决定在这边留言,并以此通告博主真的应该没事多写写博客啊,这样子几个月更新一次很不好诶!!

  2. by the way, 喜欢博客上面的签名,no dimond,no fur, no shark’s fin……支持!!博主神马时候方便的时候回复我下,我想知道那个hard-to-tell organization 是神马…..嘻嘻

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